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Dutes Miller

Born in PA

Lives & works in Chicago, IL

My work critically engages mythologies surrounding human sexuality, especially of the male body as it manifests itself in gay desire - in its evident state of arousal, its protuberances,  orifices, and its emissions. 

These small painted sculptures are the result of this engagement into the multivalent expressions of queer desire. They are portraits, other portals, but all pursuing their sexual desires.   Erotic possibilities are exaggerated, multiplied, and mutated into a myriad of forms.  These forms refuse to be confined to either side of a  binary, they are both the fucked and the fucker. And sometimes both.  




BFA Illinois State University

Solo Exhibitions 

2018 Love the Giver, The Franklin, Chicago 

2017 New relics from the Pleasuredome

Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL 

2012 In the Garden,

Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL 

2009 The Ecstasysist,

Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL 

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